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Mihir Patel - Nutrition Coach

Hi, My Self Mihir Patel

I am Working since 2014 as a Nutrition Coach.

I have vast experience in guiding my clients on nutrition. To be honest, this is my business but my first priority is to make my customers live a Healthy and Happy life.

  • I guide my clients through different Zoom Clubs to keep them healthy and maintain their ideal body weight.
  • I am available 24X7 for my clients to fulfill their queries and concerns.
  • Kids are our bright future. We can improve their health by improving their eating habits from now. We provide guidance on Nutrition required for strong Mental and Physical growth of Kids.
  • I also provide Online Guidance so that my clients can get all the information they need right at home
Sapna Patel - Nutrition Coach

Hi, My Self Sapna Patel

I am Sapna Patel wife of Mihir Patel. I am Working since 2014 as a Family Health Consultant.

It is quite difficult for women to keep their body fit during and after pregnancy. I passed through that stage. But I have kept my body fit and healthy both during and after my pregnancy through this Nutrition.

  • I am available 24X7 for any help regarding best Health guidance.
  • I also provide One to One Guidance to Women related to keep good health.
  • I also provide Online Guidance to my clients.

First Started With ME

arrow Let’s talk about me first, I too have suffered a lot from my over weight. When I came to know about this Nutrition, I started taking it. And surprisingly my over weight came under control within few days. I am feeling energized today.

arrow My wife Sapna Patel also had the same experience. During her pregnancy, she gained a lot of weight. She was still overweight after her pregnancy. So I asked her to take this Nutrition and she also found it beneficial. Now she can do all her work with enthusiasm.

You can clearly see the result below. It’s not like someone said it and I just rolled my eyes and believed it. But this is my own experience. I have experienced it, that’s why I strongly tell people that this Nutrition is very beneficial.
Good Weight lose - Mihir Patel
Good Weight lose - Sapna Patel