Hello I Am Family Health Consultant

Sapna Patel

” Health is Wealth ” 

The first happiness is your Healthy and Fit life. We strongly believe in this basic principle and that’s why we always love to guide our clients to best nutrition. Which makes their life Healthy and Happy.

Sapna Patel - Nutrition Coach

9 Years Of Experience As A Nutrition Coach

My health equation is arrow 80% Nutrition + 20% Exercise = Healthy Life
  • Most the People want to live a Healthy and Energetic Life. Our goal is to combining both their requirements such a way that accelerate a process of their good health.
  • Nutrition is the accelerator and exercise is the gear. Proper use of both makes your life healthy and happy.
  • I guide my clients through different Zoom Clubs to keep them Healthy and Energetic.
  • I am available 24X7 for my clients to fulfill their queries and concerns.
  • Kids are our bright future. We can improve their health by improving their eating habits from now. We provide guidance on Nutrition required for strong Mental and Physical growth of Kids.

My Guide To Good Health

Lose Over Weight

The nutrition that I will suggest you will definitely remove your over weight without causing any harm to your body.

Nutrition Coaching

Through different Zoom Club meeting or by Personally talk I will guide you for good nutrition which are good for your better health.

Freed From Major Ailments

Taking nutrition as per our guidance gives great relief in major ailments like diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, back pain, leg pain.

What My Clients Are Saying?

Most Valuable words from my clients which are satisfactory for me. Would you like to hear their experience? CLICK HERE

"Before joining this nutrition club, my wife and I were suffering from many ailments. Like diabetic, cholesterol, overweight. My wife also had thyroid. In this club we got proper guidance for nutrition. And we started taking nutrition accordingly. Within a short time period we were freed from all our ailments. It feels like we have a new life thanks to Mihir Patel our nutrition coach."
Hasubhai Patel
"I was suffered from my knee problem. I came to know about this nutrition club. I started taking nutrition as advised by my coach and my knee pain seemed to disappear. Now I can walk 2 miles and work standing for 2 hours. Thanks to Mihir Bhai."
Chandrika Patel
"I have joined this club since last 8 months due to my diabetic problem. As per the guidance of my coach Mihir Patel, I started taking nutrition and today my diabetic has become very normal. I am very thankful to my coach."
Varsha Patel
"After joining this club my thyroid has reduced a lot and my sugar has come down a lot. Now I am feeling much better. Thank you Mihir Bhai."
Dharmistha Patel
"I have joined this club since last 6 months. My coach guided me on nutrition and by doing so I have lost my overweight 15 pounds within 6 months only. Now I can feel a lot of energy in my body."
Kalpana Patel
Health is everything

Health is Wealth

Without good Health everything else is ZERO.

Your good and fit Health is very essential for your daily WORK, for the MONEY you earn, for fulfilling your all the DREAMS and for your loving FAMILY.

We sincerely intend to keep you Healthy because your good health is your actual wealth.

And for that we do a regular workout. So that our customers become aware of their health and try their best to keep their health good.

Zoom Clubs for Health & Nutrition Coaching

Through different Zoom Club meeting I am giving guidence to you for good nutrition which helps you to make helath better and keep your body fit.

NCC - Mihir Patel
Mihir Patel - NCC
Zoom Club Meeting